Marwa Saleem

Marwa Saleem, Social Media Director

Marwa Saleem is AYEDI’s Social Media Director, where she manages all of the social media accounts, develops branding strategies, and enhances AYEDI’s online presence. Her passion for community development has grown from her intersecting identities as a visibly Muslim, Afghan woman. Over the years, Marwa has organized countless successful international events, charity campaigns and virtual programs. Most recently she founded the Afghan Youth Book Club and took on the role of Outreach Coordinator with the Ummah Nabawiah Masjid Youth Committee. Marwa’s leadership has earned her the first Furmli & Mansuri Family Award for Afghan-Canadian Youth. In terms of her professional experience, she works as a Communications Assistant for Secret 3K.

Outside of work, Marwa literally runs for her life – she trains in Athletics (Track & Field) and holds the Afghanistan 100m record. Marwa is currently pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in Global Health and Kinesiology & Health Science at York University.

When she isn’t working on a new project you can find her chilling with chickens, baking fresh naan, and drinking chai with ice cubes. As the youngest member of the executive team, Marwa hopes to amplify the voices of Afghan youth and strengthen AYEDI’s overall impact.