Irena Faiz

Irena Faiz, Graphic Designer

Irena Faiz is AYEDI’s Graphic Designer. Her role consists of illustrating and designing the brand and look of the organization. She has been freelancing for four years and is a recent graduate from OCAD University with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. As a designer she has a deep passion in creating sleek and aesthetically pleasing designs. Before starting a project Irena likes to invent stories and fantasy scenarios, trying to figure out how each piece will live in the world she creates. Her inspiration for design comes from her love of science fiction movies and deep fondness for ancient history. Irena loves to incorporate her heritage with modern design and continues to use Canadian, Middle Eastern, and Islamic art in her work. She wants to show the world what it means to be an Afghan designer and how an individual from the diaspora can harmoniously meld together both cultures through her work.

As a first generation Afghan Canadian, Irena believes it is our responsibility to rewrite our past and pave the future for our youth. Through her work as a designer she hopes to help, guide and give Afghan youth a safe community where they will be able to find themselves and create a better future for them. As an artist Irena hopes to encourage more Afghan youth to embrace the rich heritage they come from and help to open more doors for Afghan youth to be a part of the art and design community.

Irena is a proud plant parent who is passionate in creating home jungles and collecting unique and beautiful house plants. In her spare time Irena is a member of the DIY community and enjoys building and flipping furniture, as well as decorating and interior design; her favourite rooms to remodel are the bedroom and bathroom.