Hadia Rafiqzad

Hadia Rafiqzad, Research and Evaluation Director

Hadia Rafiqzad is AYEDI’s Research and Evaluation Director where she is responsible for designing and conducting evaluations of their projects and programs, carrying out literature reviews and jurisdictional scans to identify key issues and support AYEDI’s advocacy priorities, and perform research and analysis related to AYEDI’s strategic objectives. Hadia is pursuing her Honours Bachelor of Science, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Biology and Psychology, at the University of Toronto.

As a Clinical Research Assistant at the Toronto General Hospital with the Kidney Health Education and Research Group, Hadia works to identify, raise awareness of, and carry out projects aiming to eliminate psychosocial and ethnocultural barriers to living donor kidney transplantation. As a Community Development Coordinator for the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, Hadia works on policy, research, and public education in Toronto, addressing anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia and all forms of racism and discrimination in the fields of education, health, justice, labour and governance.

Previously, Hadia was a research volunteer with AYEDI where she conducted literature reviews to support AYEDI’s evidence-based approach to program evaluation. In her new role, she hopes to contribute to the identification of, planning and evaluation of initiatives that address the needs of Afghan youth in the GTA and empower them through mentorship, skill-building and educational events. Hadia’s hobbies include drinking coffee, reading, writing poetry, and baking!