Khalidha Nasiri


Khalidha Nasiri is the Executive Director of AYEDI where she is responsible for overseeing the overall operations, management, and success of the group. She has an extensive background working in government, research, and her community of Scarborough. This includes leading a local leadership program for underprivileged youth, working for a federal Finance Minister, serving on grassroots organizations such as Scarborough Transit Action and The Canadian-Muslim Vote, and representing her riding of Scarborough-Guildwood with Equal Voice’s historic 2017 Daughters of the Vote initiative. Khalidha started AYEDI because she strongly believes in the potential for young Afghan-Canadians to become leaders and advocates in their communities.

Khalidha is a medical student at the University of Western Ontario and has a Master’s in Epidemiology from McGill University. Her hobbies including reading non-fiction, Taekwon-do, drinking double doubles, and travelling.

Zoohra Mirzanabat

Zoohra Mirzanabat is the Outreach and Events Director of AYEDI where she helps manage the AYEDI team and oversees events and operations, ensuring a smooth operation of the team. She has worked with organizations that focused on underprivileged youth within the Scarborough community, volunteered her time to assist young individuals to succeed academically as well as spent time translating English to Dari for the Afghan Elderly group. Zoohra started AYEDI in hopes of providing young Afghans the opportunity to become involved in civic engagement and learn to advocate as well as voice their opinions. Zoohra is a Bachelor of Social Work student at Ryerson University and has completed her Social Service Work diploma at Centennial College. She loves to socialize and work with others, as she strongly believes that success derives from more than one mind. Her hobbies include watching diverse TV shows, exercising, reading fiction, eating healthy, and sometimes snacking on a chocolate bar.

Ferozan Nasiri

Ferozan Nasiri is the Creative Director of AYEDI where she is responsible for creating creative content and materials in order to communicate the vision of the organization. She has been active in local and international communities. She was previously a mentor and project assistant for the First Generation Program at UTSC, has led after-school programs in Scarborough, and recently worked as a teacher in China for one year. Ferozan is involved in AYEDI because she believes that Afghan youth are capable of civic engagement and creating meaningful platforms. Ferozan is an MA Adult Education and Community Development student at OISE and is passionate about being involved in projects that focuses on centralizing narratives of communities in media and the arts. Her interests are photography, archery, traveling to different parts of the world (most recently, Japan!), visiting galleries and museums in different cities, and practicing personal and physical wellness.

Zohal Mirza

Zohal Mirza is the Internal Director of AYEDI where she is responsible for overseeing the logistical aspects of event planning and meetings, and making sure guidelines and procedures are being met. Zohal is an active member of AYEDI because she believes that youth in our communities should have a platform to become leaders. Zohal is a Dental Hygienist and is dedicated to improving the oral health of communities. Her hobbies include working out and reading.

Madina Tabesh

Madina Tabesh is a recent Toronto transplant originally from Vancouver, Canada, by way of Kabul. Her interest lies in the intersection of race and identity, civil rights and civic engagement, social justice, public health, law, justice and concept of morality, writing and the arts, through an intersectional feminist critique of everything mentioned. She is a 2016-17 Global Health Corps fellow, former ACLU New York Community Organizing Institute fellow, Planned Parenthood Toronto SNAP volunteer, avid daydreamer and mantu lover.

Madina graduated in 2014 from Simon Fraser University with a degree in political science and a minor in International Development and has since worked in the non-profit sector. Her skills and experience range from copywriting and editing, grant writing, digital and direct marketing, government lobbying and community organizing.

Veeda Tanwir

Veeda Tanwir. I am a Toronto based event coordinator looking to strengthen the Afghan community one event at a time. I have learned power of events while studying event management in college. During my student years I was exposed to events that were influential and had a strong impact on attendees. Since then, I understood the need for educational and skill building events in my local Afghan community. I believe creating events like conferences, workshops, fundraising events etc. can have a positive impact and help our community grow. I look forward to offering my skills and tools to help strengthen, empower and engage our community.