Our Mission

AYEDI aims to instil civic engagement and social development in first- and second- generation Afghan-Canadian youth.

Build community capacity, networking, and knowledge sharing

We provide a platform for Afghan-Canadian youth to connect with one another and with community leaders and change makers.

Provide enriched programming activities and opportunities

We strive to provide Afghan-Canadian youth with opportunities to develop their community building, civic engagement, and community leadership skills.

Support inclusive engagement and advocacy

We aspire to create cohesion and support for policies and programs at all levels of government that promote the healthy integration and development of newcomer and first-/second- generation Afghan-Canadian youth.

Questions? Want to get involved? Get in touch!

If you're looking to get involved but don't know how, contact us! We'd also love to chat about how we can improve Afghan-Canadian youth civic and political engagement. In addition, we are always looking to connect with other community organizations who share our vision and mission.

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